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Cone Beam 3D Scanner at Snyder Dentistry in Salem OR

We are a completely digital office offering the latest in dental scanning, intraoral pictures, cone-beam 3D radiographs and 2D Panoramic/Cephlometric and intraoral radiographs.

What this means to you as the patient is less radiation, quicker processing of images and most importantly no messy dental impression material!!

Dental Scanner:

This allows for digital impressions of the mouth whether that be for small areas such as for dental crown fabrication or dental implants, all the way to full mouth scans that help with treatment planning more complex cases and orthodontic treatment.

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Intraoral camera:

Have you ever wondered what the dentist is talking about when he tells you that you have a cavity on your tooth. This pen sized camera helps to take high definition pictures inside your mouth so that you can see what the dentist sees, giving you the chance to visualize the work that may be needed.

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (3D x-ray unit):

CBCT as it is called can help in many dental scenarios; from planning and placing dental implants to checking for cracked/fractured teeth. This form of radiograph is quickly becoming the standard of care for dental implant placement.

Panoramic radiograph: This radiograph allows for a single picture to be taken of your entire mouth to help with treatment planning. The digital copy can be seen upon finishing the x-ray exposure and in great detail.

Cephlometric Radiograph:

This radiograph is used in orthodontic treatment planning and takes a radiograph of the patient’s profile.

Intraoral radiographs: These are the x-rays that are taken inside of the mouth for routine dental examinations. The digital sensors are typically considered “less pointy” and quicker to take than the traditional film radiographs, making for an improved patient experience.